AKG C414 (2x), 1951 American DR330, Apex 210 Ribbon Mic, Audix ADX51, Audix D6 (2x), Astatic JT-35,  Electro Voice R20, Electro Voice RE320, Gefell MV102 (2x), Lauten Clarion 357, Neumann TLM102, Placid Audio Copperphone, Røde NTK Tube (3x), Røde NTR Ribbon, Røde NT5 (x2), Sennheiser K3-U (x3), Sennheiser 421 (x3), Sennheiser 609, Shure Beta 52, Shure 51, Shure SM-57 (x4), Shure SM-58 (x3), Shure SM7b, Shure 330 Ribbon (2x), Sontronics Apollo Stereo Ribbon, Telefunken TD-20, Warm Audio WA47, 12 Gauge Mics Green (2x), 12 Gauge Mics Red (2x), 12 Gauge Mics Blue (4x), 12 Gauge Black (stereo), 12 Gauge Ribbon


Pro Tools 18HD  Mac Pro 12 core Intel Processor, 32 gigs of ram, 12TB Storage, Motu 16a and 828es Converters, Rosendahl Nanosync Clock, McDSP Bundle, Waves Mercury Bundle, Slate Digital Bundle, PSP Audio Bundle, Universal Audio UAD-2 Octo Card, East West Composer Cloud, Soundtoys, Melodyne, Autotune, Fabfilter, Native Komplete 9
Ampex ATR-700 2-track Tape Machine


API 3124+
Focusrite ISA-428 mkii
Trident S20
Universal Audio 4-710-d
Livari Mono Tube
(2x) Livari Luna II Stereo Tube Pre
Warm Audio WA273
SansAmp RBI
Lindell 6x-500


Warm Audio 1176 (2x)
Livari LA2A Dual
Chameleon Labs 7720
Lindell 7x-500
DBX 160a
DBX 160x
DBX 163
Heritage 1073EQ
Warm Audio EQP1
Lindell PEX-500
JDK Audio V14
DBX 530 (2x)
BBE 482i
Ashly SC-66 EQ


Tekton Lore Monitors, Yamaha MSR400, Auratone C5 Mixcube, Audeze LCD-2, Audeze LCD-3, ADAM AX7, Tekton Pendragons


David Eden 2x10 Bass Cab, Sans Amp Bass RBI, 1965 Fender Princeton,1966 Fender Bassman Head, Fender 2x10 Guitar Cab, Fender 2x12 Guitar Cab,1965 Fender Deluxe Reverb, 1966 Fender Champ, 1966 Fender Princeton, Marshall JTM45, Marshall JCM 2000,  Livari 12w Class A, Livari JTM-45, Fender Ramparte, Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Roadster, Mesa Boogie 412 Cab, Panama Conquerer 5, Panama Conquerer 15, Supro Blues King 12


Fender Telecaster (3x), Fender CIJ Stratocaster, Fender SRV Stratocaster, Fender Jazzmaster, 1975 Fender Muiscmaster, G&L ASAT, Godin Montreal Premium, Godin A6 Baritone, Godin Empire, PRS Custom 22, PRS CE24, Gibson SG Standard (2x), Gibson 1960 VOS Les Paul, Art & Luthrie Parlor Guitar, Taylor 714ce, Taylor 510, 1965 Epiphone Caballero, Stella Parlor, Raphael de Cordoba 1a, Peavey T-40, Electra 4001, Danelectro DC12


1966 Ludwig Hollywood Kit, Tama Star Classic Bubinga, Grestch Catalina Club, Yamaha Absolute

1967 Ludwig chrome on brass 5x14, 1960 Ludwig "6 lug", Yamaha Bell Brass, Koenig Custom Drum Co. 6x14 Maple, Tama 6x14 Birch, 1960 Slingerland Field Drum, Super Drum 8x14 Steel, Koenig Custom Drum Co. 4x14 Solid Birch, Remo Piccolo, Koenig Custom Drum Co. 4x13 Maple, 1963 Pearl 4.5x14, 1930 Gretsch Duco 5x14, 1935 Slingerland 8x14


1971 Hammond B3/ Leslie 122, Casio Casiotone MT35, Yamaha S90, Roland FP3 Digital Piano, Xylophone, Dave Smith Instruments Prophet, Arturia MicroBrute


Sixstep, Eric Henderson, Deutsche Grammophon/ Universal Music Company, Cityzen, Grooveswitch, Chat Box, Sky Catching Fire, Rat Soup, Saint Blasphemer, Heart Like War, Fifth Law, Blue Tutu, Man After Man, Best Supporting Actress, Ehsan Aman, The Higgs, GrooveSession, The Divine, Sophia Rollando, Warren D, Marla Hooch, Despite Our Fears, Simpler Times, The Nite Howls, Toxic Shock, Church on the Street, The Gerald Davis Gospel Group, The Icicles, 21, The Royal Half Circle, War le Fay, Innerday Alarm, Counter Clockwise, Sterling Clan, Devils are Here, Red Undead, Atrix, Organ Freeman, The Moan, Razor's Edge, Mandie and Ruby, PWEST, Kingsnake, Empyrean Throne, God Bless Thee Mooseheart, Big Open Sky, Pickup & Run, 10Zero, Five South, Bob Young, The Slovene Society Polka Band, Evertheory, Mental Hygiene, Four Failed Abortions, Iris, APT18, Kingsnake, Lickitty Splitt, West Coast Fletch, Cletus, Susan Lachner, Rock Hard Blues Band, Will3P-0, Anthony Alverez, Rat Soup, Meagan Isabel, Mad Tab, Janna and the Giants, Left Out, Sara Cole, Katelyn Marie, Bumptown, The Outreach Band, Jon Ball, Sky Raye, Sick Mystic, Saint Blasphemer, Key of Whiskey, Julia Krueger, Rock Dog, Alex Vincent, Abbey Rose, Elements, Kat Lively, Blind Octavius, Echo, Dale Fiola, Common Ground, Honibal, OC3, Isaac Castillo, Greg McCauley, Ellie Gunn and the Firethorns, Dirty Luxe, Marble Blue, My Autumn Amor, Fact Pattern, Raanen Bozzio, Nicholas Gabriel, Rav Medic, Nuage, Run With Hounds, Derek Saint Maur, Michotic, Brian Peters, Lucky St. J, Jarvis Brown, Stone Sour, Suffocating Lie, John Marshall Canada Band, Android Superstation, CiFli, Oliver Brenninkmeyer, The Taint, New Embassy, Rawnsly, Joey Forte, Sudhir Chadalavada, House of Rohl, Sometimes a Ghost, Art Villa, Danny Cavic, Sheyde Hunter