Recording Studio Reviews | Hear No Evil Studio, Orange County, CA

  • Lou Rohl - House of Rohl

    What a pro Elliot and his team are! Not a professional voice recording individual, Elliot walked me through the process taking away any initial anxiety. His coaching made the process smooth which allowed us to finish early. Definitely a place where I would go again for any recording projects.

  • Sophia Rollando

    Really great studio! Elliott is extremely qualified for the job he is doing. He is a great producer and engineer and uses top quality technology. I love recording at this studio, love the product I get back, and love the process! 10/10 recommend going to this studio! Such better rates than most studios I’ve seen as well!

  • Becky Imoe - Empire Performing Arts Center

    Elliot is the best! I love how he makes the process relaxed and fun! I appreciate his creative input and musician's ear. I have enjoyed working with him on multiple projects and look forward to more in the future. As a vocal coach it's great to have a place to bring my students to record and help their development. I highly recommend!

  • Michael Agredano - Blind Octavius

    Elliot is the man. He definitely goes above and beyond to make sure you get what you want out of your time in the studio. Very knowledgeable as well and will not hesitate to help with ideas, melodies, etc. if needed. My band has recorded here on 4 separate projects and have never been disappointed.

  • Chris Nogle - Dirty Luxe

    Me and my band Dirty Luxe have been recording here for over a year now and I can honestly say we made the best choice here opposed to any other studio. Elliot really knows his stuff and continually makes it a wonderful experience working with him.

    Not to mention the variety of equipment and options offered here. If you're looking for a studio to record at you should definitely give this one a try!

  • Michael Kemp - Sometimes a Ghost

    Stellar work from Elliot! Incredibly efficient and professional in the process throughout, and the end result shows. Clear seasoned experience enabled him to make us feel as though he was reading our minds more often than not, and that our vision was being brought to life. Rest assured that your creative baby will be in good hands at Hear No Evil. Would definitely recommend and record here again!

  • Vincent Martinez - Blind Octavius

    After recording at dozens of places over the years I have finally found my favorite place!!! Everything my band and I have recorded here has turned out to be A+ quality. Elliott knows what he is doing. Thank you.

  • Jerry Fried

    I recorded four songs here. I'm not a professional musician and I'd never recorded before, but Elliot was thoroughly professional, good natured and patient throughout the whole process. He was always ready with a suggestion that would improve what I was doing and ready to listen to my ideas. His ear, skill and experience were invaluable.

    The studio itself was everything I could ask for. We recorded acoustic guitar "live" through a mic'd amp in the performance room, electric guitar and bass DI in the mixing booth and vocals in the vocal booth. At one point, while we were recording my acoustic guitar (and it sounding really good,) Elliot suggested we switch to an acoustic he had in the studio. It made a world of difference with a tone more appropriate for the style I was going for. The selection of instruments and amplifiers Elliot has can supplement or substitute for any that a musician may bring.

    In the time since I recorded there, Elliot has expanded and upgraded Hear No Evil, so now it's even more of a good thing. On top of all that, it's affordable. 

  • Matthew Staley - Manifold Theory

    Very professional and helpful in getting the sound you want (and need!) Elliot is 100% dedicated to the craft and I am so glad to know him. I've had both mixing and mastering services from the studio and have loved the whole experience. He is very honest and will hep you find the sound you are looking for. Thank you!

  • Taylor M.

    I came here with my grandma who recorded her piano music for our family. Elliot was so kind and professional and the recording area was darling. From outside of the building it looks quite small, its not! IT's very spacious inside and has an old school vibe to it with a twist of local modern art surrounding the recording areas. Definitely recommend!

  • Geta Martinez

    We went yesterday to record an audition for voiceover for my daughter. The place is really cozy, and everything went great and with a lot of attention to detail. I highly recommend it, and we are definetely going back when we need high quality recording.

  • Samantha Leone

    This guy is the real deal. AMAZING and comfortable to work with amazing products coming back for all my recordings in the future.

  • Ginette Feldstein

    It was an excellent experience working with Elliot. I've worked with producers in the past and this is, by far, the best end result I've ever had. Elliot showed that he cares about his work and takes the time to do it right. He helped me create a CD of my singing for my daughter's wedding and I'm so proud of how it turned out. I will highly recommend Hear No Evil to musicians of all levels. Thank you, Elliot!

  • Lorne Ahmed - Session Drummer

    I've been playing drums for 20 years now. With all the studios I've been to, producers I've worked with, Elliot has been the most professional. His approach to record works with mine. Efficiency and sound are key and it's awesome to work with someone who understands that.

  • Alexander Martin - Kingsnake

    Amazing recording studio. Some of the instruments and equipment. Available for use are among my favorites. Elliot is a guy that really pushes you to get the best out of your performances, and does his best to take your audio to a new level on top of that. No matter what I've seen him do, it never sounds not like you. He prefers to get everything the right way, even if it's the hard way. The atmosphere is great and comfortable with a lot of visually striking art on the walls. This is an amazing place to record music videos as well, as he has a whole set up for lights ready to go. It has a small studio kitchen for longer sessions, and a work station in the back to tweak equipment to make sure it's in prime condition to record. I've been in and out of the place regularly and I've seen him record everything from more mainstream pop and rap music to doom and drone noise metal. Elliot himself is a talented musician, and has an ear for a plethora of musical stylings, so he is easy to cooperate with to help you find your vision.

  • JT Triplett - Fallen Union

    Fallen Union has had the chance to record here a few times now and we are very happy with the quality of sound Elliott has produced for us. His place of business is clean and comfortable and he has a multitude of instruments to choose from if you are looking for a unique sound. His pricing is extremely fair and you will get your monies worth. On top of that, Elliott has a great ear and is really helpful when it comes to fine tuning things. We are continuing to build a relationship with Elliott and his staff and we will keep coming back. I highly recommend any band to come here. You will be very happy.

  • Karli Royer

    My parents used to be professional singers, and I wanted to do something really special for them. I contacted Elliot and asked if I could just bring in some bad tracks of their old songs, and let them sing their hearts out. He went so above-and-beyond! Not only did my parents get to relive some of their favorite memories, he also pulled out all the stops--letting them pick their microphones (from a really impressive selection), turning on the video lights so we could take photos, even cleaning up their old tracks in post, so you can hardly tell how bad the files were originally. Best of all, my parents had a blast and my siblings and I now have some of OUR favorite memories immortalized. When I schedule another studio session for them, I won't think of going anywhere else.

  • Raanen Bozzio

    One of the best recording experiences I've ever had. Top notch equipment, knowledge and hospitality... 10/10!!!

  • John Lowd

    Hear No Evil is the place to go to record for any project. I've been fortunate enough to record two albums there. Elliot is a true professional with extensive knowledge and works with an artist to bring out the best in their sound. The studio itself is amazing and really helps set a creative vibe. Can't say enough good things about this place, go in and check out it for yourself!

  • Ian Butler - Fact Pattern

    I've done a fair amount of work at Hear No Evil and it is always the most comfortable and accommodating environment a musician or producer could ask for. Especially for independent artists of almost any style. My band recently spent two days recording drums here and it was everything I look for in a session that presents as many demands as drum tracking does. Elliot Koenig is a master of his craft and makes sure your work gets done right every time. You cannot go wrong with the professionalism and the overall creative vibe Hear No Evil offers.

  • Derek Seymour

    Awesome experience, Elliot is an expert at his craft. I was surprised wit hhow knowledgeable he is.

  • Christian Perez - Brightsid3

    FIRST TIME EVER RECORDING AND HAD AN AMAZING TIME!!! Elliot was more than helpful, patient, and even accommodated with his own bass track since our bass player didn't make it. There was plenty of amplifiers, microphones, and musical equipment to get any sound we wanted. REALLY GREAT QUALITY! Definitely worth every dollar!

  • Julia Krueger

    We were introduced to Elliot by a mutual friend, and immediately appreciated his openness, enthusiasm, and ability to identify and help develop an artist's interests and talents.

    Elliot is incredibly patient and knowledgeable, and an outstanding collaborator. Working with my daughter Julia Krueger, for her debut EP "for(e)go", Elliot struck the perfect balance between giving guidance and critique, and yet allowing Julia to express her true intent as an artist.

    Elliot encouraged Julia to honestly portray her own artistic vision, while stimulating creative ideas, and ultimately delivering an incredibly high-quality product. Julia walked away from the experience more knowledgeable about music, and more sure of the type of artist that she would like to become. And, she found a terrific partner for her future recording studio sessions, as well.

    Elliot provided a great introduction for Julia into both the recording process and the music business -- introducing her to not only to talented musicians, who contributed significantly to the quality of her final tracks, but to industry ins-and-outs that were helpful to Julia as she prepped her EP for release.

    We'd give Elliot the highest recommendation possible. He's truly a fantastic professional and individual.

  • Ali A

    Elliot is the man! I was very nervous as this was my first recording session but he had all the patience and guidance I was looking for. Definitely going back to this studio

  • Abby Rose

    Our experience with Hear No Evil Studios has been incredible. Elliot is not only a great sound engineer, but a very skilled musician. He loves what he does, and it shows. As for the album, it has gone above and beyond what we could have asked for. We look forward to recording at Hear No Evil Studios again.

  • Erin Mendoza

    Elliot is zheee best! Adept in all genres of music, which makes it way easier when creating the vibe of the song. I will hopefully come back soon for my next recording :)!

  • Rosendo

    Great atmosphere. Elliot is really cool. Knocked out two tracks within our time slot and even knocked out a guitar riff for me! Thank You!

  • Chris Dyer - Bless My Stars

    Recently completed an EP with Elliot at his studio. Everything was first class, and taken care of correctly. Whether you need help completing that thought or know exactly what you want, Elliot and his studio will get there. Highly recommended. Affordable. Excellent work.

  • Brandon Lowentrout

    Just finished laying down drums for some demos this weekend. Lots of good drums to choose from, and Elliot really knows what he's doing in there with set up, mics, engineering and editing. It was a nice and professional environment.

  • Aaron Reyes - Bumptown

    We just wrapped up our 10 song CD at Hear No Evil and it sounds great! It has been mastered by them and is now being mass produced. The studio vibe is cool and relaxed. Nice mood lights too! We chose to record together doing three takes of each songs, then plugging in vocals. It worked well and now we're on our way to realizing our first CD! The price point was very important consideration on a musician's budget. We'll record here again sometime soon. BUMPTOWN

  • Arthur Mauldin - The Outreach Band

    It was great working with Elliot at the studio.He has very good knowledge of what you ant for your recording even when you don't know exactly what you want. He has a very laid back studio and he never rushes you to do something you don't want in your recording. All in al it was a great experience having our band's first recording done there. I hightly recommend Hear No Evil Studio. It's a great place.

  • Aaron Lehnhardt - Knight Scope Security

    Awesome Studio! Eliot is highly skilled and a super cool individual. He helped us enormously with the recording and editing of our Voice Overs. I will absolutely be a repeat customer and would recommend this studio to anyone!

  • Ethan Whitaker - Sick Mystic

    I had the greatest time recording my band here. A laid back environment for artists to express themselves.  Elliot takes a lot of pride in the final products.  Can't wait to spend another weekend there in a couple months :)

  • Brandt Austin - The Black Sound

    Great place and people! Super comfortable environment to get noisey.

  • Kanoa Watt - Clapton Road

    I have to say Elliot and Brent are pros in every way. Elliot knows what he is doing and get's into the fine details of a mix. He takes the extra effort to make sure everything is the way you and a potential booking would want it to be heard. I feel we got very lucky to find people who care and knows what they are doing as well. They also know how to package you to help you get the best result. "Clapton Road" HIGHLY recommends Hear No Evil Studios! Cheers

  • Kat Matherne

    In a bind needing assist asap. Like emergency. Elliot helped us tremendously....same day service! Polite, friendly, flexible with our schedule...and QUALITY OUT OF THIS WORLD!!! The BEST SOUND GUY EVER!!! And really cool too!

  • John Pascal


    1) great rates (less than others that I called on Yelp)

    2) explained the value of what I was getting very well

    3) 5 star yelp review status

    4) expertise that was incredible

    5) great equipment and studio

    6) very good after sales service and follow up

    7) easy and painless production and editing process with same day production and delivery 

    This is a great studio and I am very, very please with Elliot's efficiency and skill set.  He got my audio commercial done in few hours and his input was amazing.  As this was my first commercial I thought I knew what I wanted and how I wanted it to sound but Elliot obviously knew way way more than me.  After 10 minutes I gave him full control and any suggestions on my part we're either good and used or not used because it would not be in the best interest of my commercial.  At the end of the day the commercial sounded fantastic and with it's first 3 hours I got my first customer.  Oh, and I had to add something 2 days later and he hanlded it with no additional charge, he was very accommodating.

  • Max Berger

    I don't often go out of my way to write reviews, but Hear No Evil deserves special mention. I recorded a CD there this week, had a great time talking with Elliot, learned a lot from his expertise, and came out of it with a fantastic mix. The atmosphere there is relaxed and fun, and the recording process was professionally handled. They take going above and beyond to new level! Hear No Evil is my go-to studio. Cannot recommend highly enough.

  • Jorge Ortega

    This is the place to go! Not only does he take the time to hear your song, he takes the time to understand it and become a part of it. Elliot is outstanding in every level and helps you out every step of the way. Whether you are new or know what you are doing, Elliot is understanding and makes your song perfect.

  • Tim Horrigan

    Elliot is very generous with his expertise.  We cut the bass and drums for 7 songs in 6 hours and they sound ding dang good!  He miked up the drums quickly and we had were ready to start tracking in an hour. I've been working with the tracks and they are holding up solid.  I'll probably go back there for the mixing.  Highly recommended!

  • Freddie Izak

    I have made 3 songs with 3 different producers before him, and I must say I am glad I kept shopping around for someone else out there.

    Elliot puts his heart into the project, all the way from lyrics to music. I remember our very first session was solely about the lyrics. Where he blatantly told me that they lacked substance and were all over the place. First, I was taken back by it since I had put a lot of heart into the lyrics, but his advice was sound and honest.

    He wasn't there just to make money off me. He actually wanted to deliver the best product on all fronts. Once I started re-writing the lyrics, I realized how right he was and his pointers on the story-telling of song lyrics helped a lot.

    The recording sessions were very seamless, where the focus was more on the energy, feel and heart with which I sung. There were absolutely no interruption between takes (something that other producers often do) and he didn't overwork me to get that one note right which could've easily been adjusted via melodyne.

    I would recommend this guy to anyone. He is a mastermind when it comes to production. The music he built around my song, "Take it All", is pure magic and the editing on my vocals makes me sound ten times better than I sound naturally.

  • Ruth B. - Grooveswitch

    Hear No Evil was a the perfect place to record. Elliot has great ideas, listens and he's easy to work with. The recording process was fast and a blast, the mix sounds great and the edits were spot on. We'll be back with our next batch of tunes.
  • Joe Richardson

    I'm listening to the song we recorded LAST EVENING as I write this review. More than 200 people over 2,200 miles away are listening to the song as well. Read this... 24 hours prior to our session, my vocalist and piano player flaked. Elliot reached into his network and delivered two artists who made this song 10 times better than what we could have created without them. The final output exceeded my expectations in every way. Quality of sound, quality of talent, and the depth of mixing and edits were unprecedented. This project went from catastrophe to success in less time than some studios spend setting levels. So here it is... in 48 hours I lost half my group, gained a new group of mega-talented players, rehearsed in studio, tracked instruments, tracked vocals, edits, mix-down and delivery of a song that is already trending in circles that matter to me. Find yourself a studio that can make that happen and you can create anything. I found my studio. Thanks Elliot! You did it.
  • Alex Martin - Kingsnake

    Elliot is probably the most patient engineer in the business. The band I'm in is rather far from professional, but he treated us with the same, if not greater amount of energy he would his top clients, and he has our upmost respect for that. I've known him for years and is of fantastic character with a cozy studio with excellent resources that can dish out quality recording that clearly surpass his own rates. I don't know many if any engineers that have enough patience that they will go hours out of their way on their own time to ensure that your mix is just right. It takes a lot for this man to give up on you, he will not gouge you with prices, and you will easily get more value than you pay for.
  • Sam Greenspan - Wooley Green Mammoths

    First of all Elliot's a really cool dude. Recording typically takes a long time and it can be a drag if you don't dig the people you work with. Second, Elliot has a wide array of killer gear (pedals, amps, mics, Hammond Organ) and a great understanding of how every genre (as far as I can tell) of music functions. He always has great input on making your songs better but is totally cool if you don't wanna take his suggestions. Lastly, he's affordable. I've played the stuff he's worked on for me for other people and they can't believe how little I paid for the quality of work.
  • Lowell Benner

    Hear No Evil was a the perfect place to record. Elliot has great ideas, listens and he's easy to work with. The recording process was fast and a blast, the mix sounds great and the edits were spot on. We'll be back with our next batch of tunes.
  • Rick Jones - Grooveswitch

    Great atmosphere. Elliot is an extremely knowledgable, experienced, inventive, and patient engineer. Great time and results here, highly recommended!!

  • Thomas Monroe - Sky Catching Fire / Red Undead

    Always a great experience, and amazing sound! No better value in Orange County.
  • Jonathan Modell - Engineer Producer

    This place rocks. I recently interned a session here and got to check out the whole facility. This place has a great vibe to it. Feels super comfortable and friendly, which is one of the most important parts of a studio (in my humble opinion). But besides that, they've got a badass mic collection and many awesome rack units. Elliot the engineer is a great dude and he cares about the music. He's funny too. You'll have a great time here!
  • Barry Wood owner of Other Room Mastering

    "I've mastered a number of projects that were recorded at Hear No Evil and the mixes have all been excellent."

  • Evan Tiller of Razor's Edge

    Had a wonderful experience recording my band's demo here. We actually just booked more time to break ground on our full length album next month! Anyhow...

    Extremely relaxed work environment - Elliot knows how to time manage and get good takes out of us. We never felt like we were racing the clock. Even on the small budget we had for our demo

    Colorful and exciting decoration - Who cares right? Actually, It was so refreshing to sit in a colorful and stimulating room while recording. It's hard to become inspired when you feel like you're sitting in a dentist's office. Almost gives you the sense that you are just at home relaxing and playing your music.

    Great communication - Elliot took extra care with us to make sure that ideas were clearly conveyed. I can speak for my whole band when I say that EVERY sound on that demo came out EXACTLY how I heard it in my head.

    Gear - Now, I don't know my butt-hole from my elbow when it comes to recording gear, but he got the sounds we were after, so I guess it's good... But the instruments they have available in the studio are incredible. It's like a toy store for musicians! We brought all our own stuff, but switched out amps or cymbals or drums here and there to make it exactly how we wanted it.

    We couldn't believe the level of quality on our little demo, and for the price! I, and my band highly recommend this studio to anyone who is looking to record and mix!

  • Jesse Fahmi of The Divine

    "Elliot is great at what he does, he has a great ear which he utilizes to bring out the best in your band's recordings. My band in particular has a situation where we all like to record together to provide a more natural/live feel to the recording. With ease, Elliot was able to accommodate this request and provide constructive criticism on the recording process.

    In conjunction with all of this, Elliot is incredibly accommodating to whatever project and timeline you wish to present. Whether you are an 11 piece Jazz band, a three piece punk band, or a "gangster" rapper, Hear No Evil is the place to be to be to get your project done right, on time, and at an affordable rate. Don't hesitate to set up a session today!"

    As far as gear goes, you are set at Hear No Evil with some of the best sounding instruments money can buy. Drummers will instantly fall in love the granite snare drum (made by Elliot himself) and the plethora of vintage and modern kits, each particularly suited for every possible genre of music. Guitarists will be able to choose from a variety of vintage Les Pauls, Stratocasters, and a wide array of vintage amps, each with some of the best sounds of their makes and models. Bassists will be excited at the prospect of using vintage Fender equipment as well as a modeling program to give your bass a larger array of tone from Jamerson to Hoppus. Vocalists will revel in the possibility to create whatever tone they are hoping to make with each individual track.

  • Rick Hausam of Innerday Alarm

    "Very open and relaxed environment. Easy and productive recording process with creative ideas and great sound quality."

  • David Dykstra of Royal Half Circle

    "Hello all. I wanted to say a few words regarding my experience at Hear No Evil. I am a songwriter who had been very phobic about committing to going to a proper studio to see what I was really made of. For over 20 years, I had collected ideas on handheld cassette recorders, boom boxes, and in later years on DAW methods. I had fancied myself to have made steady progress over the years, but knew that I had to put my trust in a studio and ultimately an engineer who really knew what they were doing.

    When I first called Elliot I was immediately struck by how easy going and professional he sounded on the phone. I told him where I was musically and he was very encouraging about what I had accomplished on my own while explaining what he could potentially do for me at his studio. I was convinced, and made an appointment to officially get the ball rolling. And roll it did.

    I was so impressed with his studio and his skill, attention to detail, and ideas when I needed them. He was meticulous in his approach to getting the sounds that I was looking for and succeeded time and time again. Patient and guiding was always the order of the day. I felt at ease and like anything was possible with my music. I really can't recommend Hear No Evil enough. I am very grateful for my experience there and specifically with my cd. You can't go wrong. You will love it. Best of luck to all of you."

  • Andrew Miller of Toxic Shock

    "I had an amazing experience recording at Hear No Evil.  They are very professional, but also maintain a relaxed, no pressure environment.  Very comfortable studio, great price, awesome engineers!!! Couldn't be more happy with the final product!"

  • Dave Tab of Mad Tab

    "First of all... I love the vibe in this place! Hear No Evil sends off a very creative vibe from the moment you enter till the time you leave. The engineers are great as well and they have the BEST SNARE DRUMS EVER on these 6 shelves waiting to be used. The place has everything that you need and probably want, and yes a bathroom and kitchen for your convenience, and the best part is they don't charge you out the ass for quality recording and then go "ok well looks like your times up there sonny chap" and expect you to pay more or anything. It's laid back, chill but professional, and I'll definitely come back here for all my recording needs. Oh and they have this old school Hammond B3 that rips...and it's irie...good place to record for anyone."

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