Orange County's most affordable high quality recording studio is centrally located near the 57, 55, 22, 91, and 5 freeways in the city of Orange. Hear No Evil Studio houses a 500sqft tracking room A with 15' ceilings, a 200sqft tracking room B, a 32sqft isolation booth, a 24sqft isolation booth, a 200sqft control room equipped with state of the art, vintage, and custom analog outboard gear, and a hybrid digital/analog mastering suite. The studio maintains an incredible selection of vintage and custom guitars, amplifiers, drums, a Steinway piano and Hammond B3 Organ available for use at no additional cost.  Hear No Evil Studio also offers for additional fees: song craft production, music producer, song arrangement, scoring and notation, and an extensive roster of professional studio musicians for any style or instrument. 

Hear No Evil Studio features hybrid recording platform with true-analog preamps, EQs and compressors in-front of Pro Tools 2019.

Hear No Evil Recording Studio also offers HD video services.  Please call or email us for video rates.

Hear No Evil Studio | 1043 North Main Street | Orange, CA 92867 | 714-655-6226

Recording Studio Rates

Tracking/ Mixing/ Editing/ General Use of Studio

$60/hour (3 hour minimum)
 (1) 6 hour day - $300
 (3) 6 hour days - $800
 (6) 6 hour days - $1500

Call 714-655-6226 for large project pricing.

Producer/ Arranger/ Songcraft

$20-100/hr depending on specific project requirements.
 Call 714-655-6226 for large project pricing.

Musicians for Hire

Hear No Evil Studio has a long list of incredible musicians. We can accommodate you with virtually any instrument your project requires.

Call 714-655-6226 for details and pricing.

Video Capture/ Editing

Call 714-655-6226 for pricing.

Instrument for Use/ Instrument Repair

All instruments at Hear No Evil Studio are available for use at no extra cost.
 Replacement guitar strings, drum heads, and drum sticks are available in limited options for competitive retail price.
 On-Site instrument repairs are available to a certain extent. Repairs may be subject to charge.